Have you been Inspected ?

Have you been inspected?
New EP now online - we have updated the mp3 playlist and the album is available to buy online. Universe Inspectors T-shirts now online £12 plus p&p - two great styles in black

ONE DAY 6 track EP out now

Our first studio recording

One Day EP front cover - click to enlarge One Day EP back cover - click to enlarge

Play MP3 samples from our new Studio EP below. Our aim was to achieve as near to our Live sound as possible - so we recorded the CD while all playing at the same time. With minimal 'overdubs' we managed 6 tracks in 7 takes in one day. We hopefully have kept the energy and feeling of a live performance.

All tracks © The Universe Inspectors 2009. Recorded & Mixed by Ross Chapple, Adam Smith & Oscar Kusmidrowicz. Executive Producer Lee Thommen. Cover design, print & duplication by Maniac films ltd

Goldcoast Oceanfest - Croyde, North Devon

Breaking News! The Universe Inspectors will be appearing at ths years Goldcoast Oceanfest in Croyde. The band will perform on Friday 18th as main support to Fridays headliner Gideon Conn and should be on stage from about 9pm.
Goldcoast Oceanfest dates are 18th, 19th and 20th June 2010 in Croyde, North Devon. To buy tickets and for more information visit the Goldcoast website. See you there!

See us live at Croyde Village hall in 2010 from 10pm. Late bar.

Latest 2010 Dates: 28th August

Last updated 27th August 2010

Contact us by email info@universeinspectors.com - Get Inspected ! Or catch up with us on Myspace or Facebook using the links below:

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New online video - 'Dub Train' from the EP 'One Day'

We are pleased to launch the online video for 'Dub Train', filmed and edited by Mark Brindle from Maniac Films.
The video was shot in the studio during the album recording sessions and live on stage in Croyde Village Hall.
If you like what you see and hear, check out ourt live dates or grab a copy of the album.

One Day EP - Buy Online

Over 40 minutes of wicked sounds including:

  • 1 Guns and Knives (8:35)
  • 2 Mr Nice(6:26)
  • 3 Ideal World (6:25)
  • 4 Universe Inspector (6:52)
  • 5 Love that we had (7:20)
  • 6 Dub Train (8:04)

    Buy Online £8.05 inc VAT plus £1 p&p

  • The Universe Inspectors Live CD is still available

    Our first CD release for 20 years!

    Universe Inspectors new CD - Live out now
    The Universe Inspectors Live at Croyde Village Hall - check it out! Nick on Saxaphone

    Get the Univese Inspectors MP3 player on your website ! Copy and Paste the code below into your website - simple as that..

    Ralph on garden fork bass - diggin it! melv and marcus in mixdown session

    Universe Inspectors Live CD

    20 Years in the making ! (well not quite but its been 20 years nearly since the last time we made a proper recording..) Finally the Universe Inspectors can be yours to own and play with in the comfort of your own home. The infamous reggae band from Croyde have captured the live sound at the Village Hall and re-mastered three times to get as close to the live feel as possible.

    Recorded and mixed by Al Kendal. Packaged in a special CD case with double sided colour print featuring Lyrics to four of the tracks.

    Sixty minutes of wicked sounds including:

  • Babylon (8:35)
  • The Dream (7:49)
  • Extremes (7:25)
  • Where I want to go (5:58)
  • Do the things (6:50)
  • Party Time (5:33)
  • What I need (9:05)
  • There is a Place (8:16)

    Buy Online £8.05 inc VAT plus £1 p&p

  • Item available now   Item In stock

    New Universe inspectors Tshirts for sale Buy Online £12 inc VAT plus £ 1.50p&p

    Melv modelling the Unis camper van Tee from Croyde Bay Universe Inspectors VW camper van Croyde Bay tshirts in black
    Universe Inspectors Croyde Bay Tshirt in Black style 2 front writing on the universe inspectors Tshirts (both styles)

    Universe Inspectors Croyde Bay Tshirts in Black. Two wicked styles to choose from. Both at £12 plus £2.50 p&p.

    Style 1 - VW camper van design on back


    Style 2 - Universe Inspectors Croyde bay text design on back


    old gig pics from the Unis Have you been inspected?

    More Universe Inspectors stuff.. check out maniac films website for some more pics and video clips http://www.maniacfilms.com/news_universe.php. Check the HD preview of the 'Do the Things' music video - coming soon on the Universe inspectors rockumentary - have you been inspected?

    Maniac Films Unis Rockumentary Blog

    Celebrating Nick's 50th in style Universe Inspectors Live for Nick's 50th

    Universe Inspectors play special gig for Nick Austins 50th birthday

    Happy 50th Birthday Nick! As part of the birthday celebrations, the Uni's (including Nick) played a special set at Croyde Village Hall. Ralph couldn't attend as he was surfing in Madeira so Giles from The Liquidators stepped in on bass. The gig was filmed by Mark from Maniac Films and the footage will appear on the Universe Inspectors Rockumentary DVD. Coming soon !

    Local musician Pete Bruntnell discusses the Uni's marcus discussing the aftermath of Ralph's accident

    Pete Bruntnell and Marcus interviewed for Rockumentary

    Local musician, songwriter and producer Pete Bruntnell has spent some time in front of the cameras for the Universe Inspectors documentary. We also filmed a very personal interview with Marcus from the band discussing Ralph's accident. These interviews will appear on the Universe Inspectors Rockumentary DVD. Coming soon !

    Roy Newton talking about his memories of the Uni'i early gigs in Croyde Dessy discussing his memories of early Uni's gigs

    More interviews for the Rockumentary

    We have been out filming more interviews for the film with a range of local people who frequented early Uni's gigs. Interviewees included Roy Newton and Malcolm deswert (Dessy). We also filmed a live gig at Croyde Village Hall.
    The first section of the film is now finished and the rest is moving along nicely. We have a couple more interviews to film, as well as a very special gig which will be announced soon.
    These interviews are some of the last parts to be filmed for the Universe Inspectors Rockumentary DVD. Coming soon !

    Ralph Freeman Croyde surfer talking about his broken neck injury at Croyde last year Dodgy looking metal studs in Ralphs neck!

    Follow up Interviews with Ralph Freeman for Unis Rockumentary

    We have been interviewing Ralph Freeman about his recovery from the traumatic broken neck he suffered whilst surfing low tide Croyde last year. A freak accident which left Ralph initially completely paralysed. Ralph spoke about how his big wave training helped him cope during the critical moments when he also nearly drowned.

    "As Ralph got closer to recovery, he was prepared to talk about the ordeal" said Mark Brindle from maniac films. "we didn't want to intrude really but Ralph thought it would help him get over the experience and get him back into the water" The interview is one of the last parts to be filmed for the Universe Inspectors Rockumentary DVD. Coming soon !

    Hector Christie Interviewssidmouth scenic boats Amy Newton interviews for Universe Inspectors DVD - Have you been inspected?

    More Interviews for Universe Inspectors DVD - Hector and Amy

    We have been filming more background interviews for the Universe Inspectors rockumentary DVD. We caught up with Hector Christie at Tapely manor to discuss the early years when the Unis used to practice and gig at his farm, and with the delightful miss Amy Newton who has played with the boys and has quite a bit of history with the Croyde Reggae four-some.
    Weve also been down to Sidmouth the birthplace and old tramping ground of the Universe Inspectors, to get some scenic shots - lovely weather and some nice boats!

    Hector Christie InterviewsGiles Isaac Unis 5th member talks about active mixing and his involvement in the band Ken Kerslake interviews for Universe Inspectors DVD - Have you been inspected?

    More Interviews for Universe Inspectors DVD - Al and Ken + Giles!

    We have been filming yet more interviews for the Universe Inspectors rockumentary DVD. We caught up with Al Kendal from Small Town Mentality at his house to discuss the Live CD production, and with Ken Kerslake, also from STM who played drums for a summer with the boys when Marcus broke his collar bone. We recorded an 'Ode to the Inspectors' with Ken and Al giving us a rendition of a favourite Unis track 'Babylon' for the forthcoming DVD.

    We also caught up with the Unis 5th member - Giles Isaac - and talked about active mixing and the acoustic properties of the Croyde village hall. Giles, bassist for The Liquidators has been doing the PAs for the Universe Inspectors for many many years and is an integral part of the bands live performance. Giles spills all the gossip on the Unis (well sort of!) for teh rockumentary DVD. Coming soon-(ish!).

    Universe Inspectors Do the Things video test marcus green screen recording.

    Universe Inspectors "Do the Things" video test online

    We've uploaded a Video test file from the "Do the things" video for the Universe Inspectors - will be part of the rockumentary DVD. This one uses H264 encoding and needs QuickTime 7 or later to run it (otherwise it might crash your browser!). Shot in DVCPRO HD 1080i/25p using the RedrockM2 35mm adapter with 85mm Nikon lens. A good time was had by all !

    Weve also been recording some green screen footage with Marcus, Melv and Nick for use on a few of the Unis tracks for the DVD.

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